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Viva Fit Franchise


Fitness Franchise

Be part of the success of the Viva fit formula, by creating and maintaining a business that is part of very dynamic network which is in an expansion phase.

1. You are in the right place at the right time:
The World Health Organization has classified obesity as one of the epidemics of the 21 st century.Here in UAE, the most recent changes to lifestyle and nutrition have placed UAE on the list of at-risk countries.

2. Training At Viva fit:
The Viva fit University Initial Training program lasts for 10 preliminary days, covering the functions of a Viva fit fitness boutique, and is run at our offices in UAE.
From Marketing, Sales to technical training on the Circuit and Software, you will be provided with all of the tools necessary to leave the training confident and prepared to manage your Viva fit branch!
Before your fitness boutique opens, we are there with you to put all of your knowledge into practice and provide support for 4 days.
As you can see, in the VIVA FIT franchise, you are not alone!

Presidente e CEO Vivafit
Constance Ruiz -Viva fit President

Pedro Ruiz - Viva fit CEO

3. Assistance from Viva fit Portugal:
At no extra cost, we will send one of 25 professionals from the Support Team to provide you with assistance during the opening and to work with you for 3 days before the opening including opening day.

4. Assistance Service:
Management and Sales consultancy to improve the service to the members, as well as constant support from the operational department, ongoing practical training and an annual convention for all franchisees.

Viva fit Franchising Support Team

Vivafit Franchising Support Team

Carla Oliveira - Vivafit Commercial Director

Find out the advantages of
Viva fit Expansion Programme

In order to find out information about free areas, please do not
hesitate to contact our expansion department!

Take advantage of the last remaining locations and do not miss
the opportunity to open your own Viva fit!!

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