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About Viva Fit

Viva Fit is a Ladies Only fitness Boutique founded 2002 in Portugal, currently operating in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Viva fit is a truly international business perspective. In 2012, Viva fit's CEO received the Business Man of the Year Award delivered by the Portuguese Minister of Economy. Two years after the flagship store opened in Portugal, Viva fit focused on gaining market share through franchising.

The Founders
Constance Ruiz
Pedro Ruiz
  Constance Ruiz and Pedro Ruiz

By 2006, there were 35 centers opened. Within 7 years, with an exponential growth more than 100 centers were opened. In 2008, Viva fit won the European Leadership Award from the fitness trade association IHRSA (American based International Health and Racquet Sports Association). In 2009, International growth started in Spain, Uruguay, Cyprus, India, Singapore, Taiwan, Qatar, KSA, Oman, Malaysia, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Kazakhistan and Bahrain.

Viva fit is the first franchised Ladies only European fitness Boutique in UAE. It is a team of young and enthusiastic women ready to change the way one looks at fitness. Our exercises are Trendy, quick, fun, enjoyable & result oriented. We work towards beating the boredom of gyming and make sure that every class is very different from the previous one.

We offer Group Personal Training for the Ladies in UAE. We bring in the high quality of service from Viva fit Portugal.

We are innovative and we love living fit!